Monday, January 24, 2011

Drop dead gorgeous

Well, drop dead at least. I have been sick like a week now and I still am. Couch, runny nose, fever, the works. So I haven't been able to work out (and I don't wan't to weigh myself either because of that...). Damn it, I want to get better soon and start my work outs again!! Well, at least my tattoo healed completely like in a week... and it looks gorgeous. <3

Also, did I mention we went to Marjo Väisänen's pin up photography display opening party? Couple of bands and most importantly, burlesque! I loved the show, didn't take any photos, though. Luckily couple of friends did. :) This was the third time for me to see live burlesque and I'm so hooked. :) I would like to try that myself some day. <3

Despite of being ill, I have managed to do some shopping! I bought two Lip Service posters from (1,50e each if I remember correctly) and I also bought one from my friend (1,50e, too). So here goes!

I simply love those posters! I would like to buy frames for them, when I get some money. Right now we are little bit poor, because of the following purchase...

Ta-dah! Finally a proper camera! Olympus E520 with 14-42mm lens. I bought this from and it cost me 180e with postage. Not bad, this camera is only 1 year old. :3 <3

That's it for today, I hope I can offer you more interesting updates when I get better. See ya. <3


  1. Tuo black diamonds dynasty juliste on kyllä aivan ihana <3 Huolisin omalle seinällenikin :P


    Ei tuo koko settikään hirveesti maksa, äkkiäkös ton tilaa samalla ku tilaa rättejä ja myy poies ne julisteet mitä ei halua. :D