Sunday, August 25, 2013

Le Chat Noir

Good morning! ^w^ As promised yesterday, today I want to make a post about our newest member of our family, this little ball of fur called Béla.

Béla is approximately 4 months old regular house cat and he has been living with us a little over a month. In the beginning of the summer two of our fiends' cats had kittens, one week apart from each other. Béla was from the later batch. The birth didn't go well, however. Béla was the only kitten that was born normally, the others had to be taken out by cesarean section and all but one of Bélas sisters had died. :( Fortunately Béla and his sister were ok, even though I was worried at first that there would be something wrong with Béla, since all the older kittens and Béla's sis too were really active, adventurous and feisty, while Béla was really shy and just wanted to be left alone by himself.

Well, as the kittens grew it became clear that Béla sure was different from the others, the other kittens kept playing and fighting with each other, but Béla just explored his surroundings by himself and when other kittens came to bug him he was just annoyed and ended up biting them! But there isn't anything wrong with him, he's just a loner I guess when it comes to other cats. :) Humans however are a different matter. He just loves attention, petting and being played with! Since I work at home it's sometimes quite difficult actually since he won't allow me to work in peace, but constantly tries to climb to my lap or purr at my feet or meow for attention. :D He also licks our faces and sleeps in our bed and even comes to sauna with us. xD

I'm really happy that we got him and couldn't imagine my life without him anymore! We had been talking about adopting a cat for a while and one day Wolf was visiting some friends who have two cats, one of them still a kitten, and he just decided that now is the right time. He called to our other friends, because he knew that they have kittens to ask if they had any black ones (since pretty much all textiles in our apartment are more or less black...) and they did! Well, actually Béla has some white in his chest and under his belly and that's why we decided to name him Béla. You see his fur remids me of the costume of Dracula played by Béla Lugosi. ;) I was kind of surprised when Wolf told me that he had reserved a kitten for us, but very happy nevertheless! He had thought that this "new baby" would be a good an anniversary gift for both of us and I agree 100%! I think he completes our family.

These four photos were snapped by me, but my friend Pauli also took some photos of our fur child the other day, when we were photo shooting some other pictures as well, so these last pictures are taken by him. :3 Also, I'm going to make a separate post about the human pictures, so no worries, you'll see them too eventually!

© Pauli Tavasti

© Pauli Tavasti

© Pauli Tavasti

© Pauli Tavasti

© Pauli Tavasti

© Pauli Tavasti

Béla is our first pet that me and Wolf got together, but we have had other pets before him as well separately. I love all kinds of animals, but cats definitely have a special place in my little black heart. How about you readers, do you have pets or would you like to have them if you could? :)

Release the bats!

Hello again dear readers.

As you know this blog has been pretty much on hold the whole summer. Truth to be told I haven't felt like blogging for quite a while. I haven't felt motivated and so I have been avoiding it... but I have thought about the matter.

Obviously I have had some good reasons for not blogging. I have concentrated pretty much on my new work as a graphic designer / illustrator. Another very god reason is our new furry family member, a little black cat called Béla. I'm going to make a separate post about him later, so you just have to wait but yeah, he demands quite a lot of my time, and I really enjoy spending it with him, but of course that time must be taken out of something else. :)

The most pressing reason, however, is fear, at least I think so. Last spring I realized that there are indeed people out there who do not think too highly of me and since that harsh realization my self-esteem hasn't been what it used to be. I fear to speak out, I keep thinking what to say so carefully, for so long, and finally I end up saying nothing. In fear of criticism I have put up virtually no new photos of myself during summer on my Facebook. I have spent my days in jeans, ballerinas and cardigans nearly every day, instead of my beautiful gothic clothing, to blend in with the crowd. Well, I have had some good days, but mostly I have just felt very vary of my surroundings. Living life like this, however, has made me feel like I'm losing myself and turning into something dull and grey. I want to start living again, and I will. The old me is still here, hidden away in my batcave and now I'm releasing the bats!

This also means, that I will make this blog more personal and therefore interesting, well, that's what I think at least! I love to read blogs about daily lives of interesting people, but sadly this blog hasn't been like that for a long time. This is something I really want to improve in the future. :) So, as promised next post will be about our new kitten Béla, and after that I'm going to make a post about our new apartment. :) But I will return to that tomorrow, now I'm going to watch one more episode of Downton Abbey and go get some beauty sleep. :3

© Pauli Tavasti
Hush little baby don't say a word.
And never mind that noise you heard.
It's just the beast under your bed.
In your closet in your head!