Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This post is going to be pretty random, but I have some pictures to post so... :D Bare with me.

First some shopping, which I wasn't able to label under clothing or home decor. :D A couple of books (haven't finished them yet, though) and a make up bag. All these are from from different flea markets. The books were 1e each if I remember correctly and so was the make up bag I think. Can't really recall but nevertheless they weren't expensive...

Secondly, some recent sewing. I made my pvc pants a bit tighter and added belt loops. They oftentimes tend to fall down since they are so slippery... but not anymore! The fishnet hoodie was also way too big for me, but now it fits perfectly. <3 It's one of my new favourites. :) And finally, the pinstripe shorts weren't shorts at all originally, they were badly ripped full lenght pants... Now they seem nice and neat again and make a great pairing with that corset don't you think? :3

And thirdly, food. <3 Baking and prepairing food seems to beone of my favourite thigs to do nowadays. :) This one night I made hamburgers from scratch to go with some left over potato croquettes. Thay turned out to be humonbgous. Seriously, I think they weighted like 1kg each. o_o But they were delicious. <3 Self made bun, about 0,25kg mincemeat beef with some onion and garlic, couple of lices of processed cheese and some leftover regular, fried egg, couple of slices of leftover bacon, salad, tomato, cucumber and light salad dressing. Wolf said that on our first date I shoud have just haanded him a burger like that and he would have been sold already. :D <3 The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach they say... :D Oh and I also some oven baked apples and oat with vanilla sauce for dessert that night. I didn't make the vanilla sauce though, it's this. It's just delicious. <3 And the last picture is a Fallout themed mudcake I made for my friends birthday. :D I used Marabou mint krokant chocolate and it turned out fine. :3

Phew, just one more picture left to share with you! I dyed my roots again the other day and decided to try out something new with Wolf's hair with the left over dye. What do you think? Cool huh? Btw, he went for a couple of drinks that night and some girl tried to hit on him pretty persistently, so I think I didn't do half bad with his hair. :D

Ah. So there, some glimpses of my recent life. :D This doesn't include last weekend though, but I had a blast! Delicious food, booze, cute animals, dancing, gig and an awesome girl to hang out with, what'snot to like? I dessed up all in black pvc and felt pretty, maybe I'll post you a picture later? :3 And I didn't have much of a hangover despite the huge amount of consumed alcohol, wtf? :D Definitely an awesome weekend. <3

Anyway, this was all for now. Buh-bye. <3

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Le Maistre Chat, ou Le Chat Botté

Hi again! I have had a very good week indeed since some of my recent purchases have finally arrived home! I havent actually updated any of my shopping here for a while so maybe I'll just do that now. :3

First things first: shoes. <3 My beloved old military boots have reached the end of their journey at least when it's wet outside. They have huge holes in them... Actually allmost all my shoes have holes or they are otherwise broken so I decided to buy a couple of new pairs. The fake UGG boots were from flea market and cost only 2e. Something to wear in winter for flea market shopping and lazy and lonely days in school. The New Rock shoes and the Converse sneakers were actually a very, VERY late birthday gift from myself and Wolf. Both pairs are from huuto.net. New Rock shoes cost about 80e with postage and the Converse sneakers were 25e with postage. So together 105e. Both pairs were in really good shape and I simply adore them. <3 Now I have comfy but bad ass enough shoes for both summer and winter, yay! Money well spent. :3

This skirt I bought propably a month ago from a flea market. It only cost 30cents! I simply love small town flea markets, stuff there us sooooo cheap. <3

Finally, some basic, everyday clothing. The opened a new flea market near our home couple of months ago and I made awesome findings immediately! Levi's 501 jeans cost 1,50e and they are in really good shape! The basic black top cost 10cents and so did the basic black hoodie. So cheap. *____*

I have all this clothing now, but I still don't know what should I wear this weekend. I'm going out drinking & dancing with one of my girlfriends and even though I'm very much looking forward to it I'm nervous. Wolf isn't coming with us since he's attenting this school related drinking fest (:D) and I'm not sure if I want to look as trashy as I usually do without him. ._. You know I really love him and most of the time I dress up just for him... for myself too, but... Argh I guess I'm just worried I will either get too much unwanted attention or that I'll look and feel like a total wall flower. -_-; You guys ever have these kind of issues? Agh, despite of feeling like a total man most of the time I must be a girl after all... Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bat cave home decor.

Hello and sorry about the rather long period of silence. I've been very busy with school projects and hosting some relatives during weekends. Wolf became uncle recently, but his poor little niece was born badly premature and will be hospitalised until summer. So Wolf's brother and his girlfriend will spend weekends here with us to visit their newborn daughter (so they don't have to drive nearly 300km every day to see her). Anyway, been busy, forgive me. :D

But now, back to the title. ;) We have been decorating our little bat cave a bit and I thought it could be fun to show you. :)

Ta dah! We made a semi baldachin for our bed! Now I feel like a (rather twisted) little princess! We drilled three hooks on the ceiling (one for each corner) and then used chain as curtain rod. The curtains I already had, the chain costed around 15e and the hooks and a bunch of other home renovation stuff cost aroud 5e. So the whole thing was fairly cheap and easy. :)

Another cool thing we got for our home was this. Our neighbour moved out and left this beauty behind. So yay, more room for jackets! I want to hold a party soon just to test drive this. :D

And finally, I did some shopping. I got new candleholders (can't remember what they cost, 1 or 2 euros all together I suspect) from fleamarket. And then a real treasure! A new slave mug! I collect these things. I have two white mugs that say: "ORJA" and "THE SLAVE" and now I found a black "THE SLAVE" mug too from the flea market, only 1e. :3 And finally I bought new drinking glasses from Halpa Halli, a package of three was 3,90e and I bought two... rather expensive for me, but I've been lusting for those for over a year. :D


By the way, I have once again reached my goal weight. But I have to say I've grown tired of this gaining/losing weight issue. I think I just want to stop staring at the scale and start listening to my body more. I am not sure if I can do it. I've been on a diet for over two years now and it has become kind of a habit. To count calories and not allowing treats for yourself and so on. But I will try. I've been baking like crazy for our guests and for Wolf and myself too so I'll share a couple of more pictures with you.

The first one is a picture of a mudcake I baked for Wolf's brothers birthday. Not very pretty, but simple and yummy. :) The second picture is our breakfast yesterday. Full grain bread rolls, bacon, fried eggs, ham, processed cheese, cucumber and tomato. All this and coffee served with Fringe season one. I have absolutely fallen in love with that series. :D But now I'll go have a shower and start preparing food for the hungry Wolf (self made hamburgers and oven baked apples and oat with vanilla sauce as dessert). Have a great Sunday all you readers. <3