Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This post is going to be pretty random, but I have some pictures to post so... :D Bare with me.

First some shopping, which I wasn't able to label under clothing or home decor. :D A couple of books (haven't finished them yet, though) and a make up bag. All these are from from different flea markets. The books were 1e each if I remember correctly and so was the make up bag I think. Can't really recall but nevertheless they weren't expensive...

Secondly, some recent sewing. I made my pvc pants a bit tighter and added belt loops. They oftentimes tend to fall down since they are so slippery... but not anymore! The fishnet hoodie was also way too big for me, but now it fits perfectly. <3 It's one of my new favourites. :) And finally, the pinstripe shorts weren't shorts at all originally, they were badly ripped full lenght pants... Now they seem nice and neat again and make a great pairing with that corset don't you think? :3

And thirdly, food. <3 Baking and prepairing food seems to beone of my favourite thigs to do nowadays. :) This one night I made hamburgers from scratch to go with some left over potato croquettes. Thay turned out to be humonbgous. Seriously, I think they weighted like 1kg each. o_o But they were delicious. <3 Self made bun, about 0,25kg mincemeat beef with some onion and garlic, couple of lices of processed cheese and some leftover regular, fried egg, couple of slices of leftover bacon, salad, tomato, cucumber and light salad dressing. Wolf said that on our first date I shoud have just haanded him a burger like that and he would have been sold already. :D <3 The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach they say... :D Oh and I also some oven baked apples and oat with vanilla sauce for dessert that night. I didn't make the vanilla sauce though, it's this. It's just delicious. <3 And the last picture is a Fallout themed mudcake I made for my friends birthday. :D I used Marabou mint krokant chocolate and it turned out fine. :3

Phew, just one more picture left to share with you! I dyed my roots again the other day and decided to try out something new with Wolf's hair with the left over dye. What do you think? Cool huh? Btw, he went for a couple of drinks that night and some girl tried to hit on him pretty persistently, so I think I didn't do half bad with his hair. :D

Ah. So there, some glimpses of my recent life. :D This doesn't include last weekend though, but I had a blast! Delicious food, booze, cute animals, dancing, gig and an awesome girl to hang out with, what'snot to like? I dessed up all in black pvc and felt pretty, maybe I'll post you a picture later? :3 And I didn't have much of a hangover despite the huge amount of consumed alcohol, wtf? :D Definitely an awesome weekend. <3

Anyway, this was all for now. Buh-bye. <3

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