Thursday, April 14, 2011

Le Maistre Chat, ou Le Chat Botté

Hi again! I have had a very good week indeed since some of my recent purchases have finally arrived home! I havent actually updated any of my shopping here for a while so maybe I'll just do that now. :3

First things first: shoes. <3 My beloved old military boots have reached the end of their journey at least when it's wet outside. They have huge holes in them... Actually allmost all my shoes have holes or they are otherwise broken so I decided to buy a couple of new pairs. The fake UGG boots were from flea market and cost only 2e. Something to wear in winter for flea market shopping and lazy and lonely days in school. The New Rock shoes and the Converse sneakers were actually a very, VERY late birthday gift from myself and Wolf. Both pairs are from New Rock shoes cost about 80e with postage and the Converse sneakers were 25e with postage. So together 105e. Both pairs were in really good shape and I simply adore them. <3 Now I have comfy but bad ass enough shoes for both summer and winter, yay! Money well spent. :3

This skirt I bought propably a month ago from a flea market. It only cost 30cents! I simply love small town flea markets, stuff there us sooooo cheap. <3

Finally, some basic, everyday clothing. The opened a new flea market near our home couple of months ago and I made awesome findings immediately! Levi's 501 jeans cost 1,50e and they are in really good shape! The basic black top cost 10cents and so did the basic black hoodie. So cheap. *____*

I have all this clothing now, but I still don't know what should I wear this weekend. I'm going out drinking & dancing with one of my girlfriends and even though I'm very much looking forward to it I'm nervous. Wolf isn't coming with us since he's attenting this school related drinking fest (:D) and I'm not sure if I want to look as trashy as I usually do without him. ._. You know I really love him and most of the time I dress up just for him... for myself too, but... Argh I guess I'm just worried I will either get too much unwanted attention or that I'll look and feel like a total wall flower. -_-; You guys ever have these kind of issues? Agh, despite of feeling like a total man most of the time I must be a girl after all... Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. :D

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