Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer tidings

It seems that finally autumn has arrived and summer is just a warm memory for the next seven to eight months... sigh. I really should be going to sleep by now, but I thought that I'd drop by first to post some Instagram photos ranging from May to September, to reminisce the past, wonderfully warm and sunny summer and welcome the darker seasons again.

In May we celebrated the anniversary of our engagement. That chocolate cake was pretty good and we ate it at our favorite café called Bisketti. :)

In August for some reason I got inspired and did my nails! I'm usually super lazy with them and just paint them plain black most of the time but this was a nice exception for that. :)

August was really productive month for me, well, except work-wise (or maybe because of that, hahaha!) and I even had time to pluck berries at our summer cottage.

In August there was also the Night of the Arts and I was there also, this time illustrating post cards and fridge magnets with guys from Oulu Comic Club. That triskele skull I made for Mr. Wolf. :3

I guess Mr. Wolf must have loved this little gift, since soon after he took me to dinner at Harald! It is a viking themed restaurant and really good at least here in Oulu! I had salmon, vegetaables, this pancake thing and cider, nom nom nom!

We have also traveled a bit, with Béla of course. He seemed a bit bored at our in-laws, poor thing. :D Should have brought his toys with us I guess... :3

This same weekend we were spending time at our summer cottage, celebrating the season ending. I simply love being there, I wish I could stay there longer and more often.

The ending of summer season also means a bonfire. It is so beautiful when all people there at their own cottages light bonfires and candles and it all reflects to the pitch black sea... love it.

 Just a little while ago we went to movies! I love eating Ben & Jerry's at the movies with that adorable shovel... haha! We watched RED 2 and actually I liked it really much! Over the top, but just the right way!

Finally, last Saturday I spent a couple of hours at Fantasiapelit Oulu, selling vanity press edition comics, made be me and bunch of other cool people. We sell them there every third Thursday of the month, if somebody's interested in coming. :) There was also some sort of Magic the Gathering tournament at the same time, which seemed quite fun, so if I dare I think I'll take part in that at some point also!

So, my summer in a nutshell, or at least some highlights. How was your summer, dear readers and are you looking forward to autumn and winter? Personallu summer is my favorite season, but I also love the darkness and falling leaves of autumn, perfect season for drinking red wine and do something creative (indoors). ;)

Friday, September 20, 2013

In the wind of change

Yes! I finally did it! After three and a half months of juggling different part-time jobs I finally found permanent, full time job from my own field of expertise. ♥ Actually this was quite a surprise, since I just got a call from the CEO of this local advertising agency asking if I would like to come to a job interview. My previous teacher had recommended me and, well, a few days later I was there, working. :D Of course I have this four month try-out period but I just can't help but to be super-excited about this huge opportunity!

Truth to be told I was already getting a bit desperate, thinking of weather I should just find some other full time work (which basically means cleaning for me) to support myself and my little family, but I'm proud that I stayed strong and gained experience finding odd jobs that were supporting my chosen profession. Words cannot describe how happy and relieved I am! The office already feels like home to me, I really like the people I'm working with and I'm actually feeling really good and confident about the future.

Now I'm going to clean a bit and then just relax. I think I haven't felt this relaxed for months (over a year actually, haha) and I'm going to enjoy every second of it. Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, dear readers. Good things come for those who wait.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dream Home Heartache

Ah! I have had really awesome couple of days! I got a call on Friday and it was the CEO of the advertising agency, where I used to be a trainee. I was asked to be a temp there again (I helped out a few weeks ago also) starting from Monday, so there I am once again, fondling InDesign, doing my dream job, yay! Ahhhhh what I would give to work there permanently, it really is my dream place to work. I hope I can at least be a temp there every now and then. :3

But yeah, I also have another agenda for this post! I finally got around taking photos of our new batcave, so a little show and tell can be arranged. I'm personally a huge fan of home decor, I love finding new pieces to our little home, especially second hand, and also reading and looking at pictures of other people's homes, especially gothic, victorian and fetish themed homes. If you know any good blogs, tumblrs or sites about beautiful home decor, please let me know! I would also love to see your homes. :) But now, it's picture time!

So this is what you see when you walk in! Shoes, pole, gaming Mr. Wolf... :D

And this, when you look back. Pretty bare still, I would like to get a new lamp at least, and maybe some small table on top of Béla's litter box. Then again I love the space, it is really handy when practicing burlesque routines!

A closer look of the living room/office/kitchen. We finally got a new couch when we moved in (for the cat to destroy, obviously, haha).

My tiny work spot. I really need a bigger desk, but so far I haven't found a decent one, blah. I could move that one to entrance hall if I could find a replacement. :p

The kitchen. Love the tiles, the cupboard doors... not so much. But yeah, it's decent and surprisingly spacious. I would like to get more lime elements to it (haha, my secret love: neon colors ). 

And here's our living room from opposite direction. Got room for climbing on my pole, exercising, playing with Béla... Btw, gotta love Matlock. :D

Next up, toilet, shower and sauna. Super spacious, almost too spacious actually, otherwise really nice.Except that white floor! It get's stains really easily and I have already destroyed it a bit with hair dye... shiiiiiiiit.

Same room, another direction. I would love to get more storage spaces, like some sort of cabinet...

Last but not least: the bedroom. It's small, but I like it a lot. :3 Behind the bed we actually have a miniature fridge for storing cold drinks! :D Oh, the hedonism...

Next to the door, my bone collection. ♥ And four very, very narrow cabinets for clothes! Definitely need more room for them... The cabinet for my fetish wear is actually in the entrance hall, next to our main door... u_u;

So! This is our new home. :3 What do you think? Also, I would love for you to show and tell me about your homes, rooms, cottages and, well, any house decor really!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Venus in Furs

Hello, little darklings!

This is the 100th post of this blog, WOOP WOOP! Can we have some applause?  To celebrate, I finally added some personal information about little ol' me, you can access it by clicking the picture on he sidebar. ;)

Anyway. A while ago my very good friend Pauli Tavasti took some photos of me once again. I wanted to have some photos of  a few new latex pieces in my wardrobe. Somehow this set reminds me of the book called Venus in Furs (which I really enjoyed, by the way).

I was  quite nervous to purchase these latex pieces, since I could not try them on beforehand (which sucks! In my opinion latex should always suit it's wearer perfectly and there is no real reason why one couldn't try the clothes on in the shop. I understand not trying panties and such on for hygienic reasons, but come on, a skirt?? ). Luckily the pieces fit me well enough. ♥ By the way, as you might have noticed I happen to love fetishey clothes and I actually have one closet sanctified just for them in my apartment. Would you readers like to see it? It is one of my dearest possessions and a huge part of my happiness. So? A little peek to the dearest of my closets, yes/no? :3

Ps. Venus in Furs is also a song by The VelvetUnderground, do have a litsen, it's beautiful.