Sunday, September 8, 2013

Venus in Furs

Hello, little darklings!

This is the 100th post of this blog, WOOP WOOP! Can we have some applause?  To celebrate, I finally added some personal information about little ol' me, you can access it by clicking the picture on he sidebar. ;)

Anyway. A while ago my very good friend Pauli Tavasti took some photos of me once again. I wanted to have some photos of  a few new latex pieces in my wardrobe. Somehow this set reminds me of the book called Venus in Furs (which I really enjoyed, by the way).

I was  quite nervous to purchase these latex pieces, since I could not try them on beforehand (which sucks! In my opinion latex should always suit it's wearer perfectly and there is no real reason why one couldn't try the clothes on in the shop. I understand not trying panties and such on for hygienic reasons, but come on, a skirt?? ). Luckily the pieces fit me well enough. ♥ By the way, as you might have noticed I happen to love fetishey clothes and I actually have one closet sanctified just for them in my apartment. Would you readers like to see it? It is one of my dearest possessions and a huge part of my happiness. So? A little peek to the dearest of my closets, yes/no? :3

Ps. Venus in Furs is also a song by The VelvetUnderground, do have a litsen, it's beautiful.


  1. I think you have a beautiful face, you could work as a professional model :)

  2. Hot Pictures! You look so beautiful!

  3. you and MK girls i would love fu.....k