Monday, January 24, 2011

Drop dead gorgeous

Well, drop dead at least. I have been sick like a week now and I still am. Couch, runny nose, fever, the works. So I haven't been able to work out (and I don't wan't to weigh myself either because of that...). Damn it, I want to get better soon and start my work outs again!! Well, at least my tattoo healed completely like in a week... and it looks gorgeous. <3

Also, did I mention we went to Marjo Väisänen's pin up photography display opening party? Couple of bands and most importantly, burlesque! I loved the show, didn't take any photos, though. Luckily couple of friends did. :) This was the third time for me to see live burlesque and I'm so hooked. :) I would like to try that myself some day. <3

Despite of being ill, I have managed to do some shopping! I bought two Lip Service posters from (1,50e each if I remember correctly) and I also bought one from my friend (1,50e, too). So here goes!

I simply love those posters! I would like to buy frames for them, when I get some money. Right now we are little bit poor, because of the following purchase...

Ta-dah! Finally a proper camera! Olympus E520 with 14-42mm lens. I bought this from and it cost me 180e with postage. Not bad, this camera is only 1 year old. :3 <3

That's it for today, I hope I can offer you more interesting updates when I get better. See ya. <3

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bat bites.

I've had a really fun day today! I went to recolor my tattoo today and I thought that I could share a picture of it with you. I took the tattoo the ninth of December last year and it was actually a Christmas present from Wolf. <3 The ink didn't take very well in the first session so today I had the second one and this time it took really nicely, both me and my tattooer Kaitsu from Red & White Ink were satisfied. :) So here it comes, two little bats over my heart as you can see. <3

I also baked bread today with this recipe because we are having a friend over for the weekend. It turned out okay, tastes like home made bread rolls. :D Here's a picture of the bread too.

Oh, and my diet is still doing okay. I weighted myself this morning and I had lost 1,5kg. So I'm halfway through! But now I'm taking a two week break and eating properly so my tattoo will heal nicely. :3 I hope I don't gain weight though, I'm going to snack a bit this weekend with Wolf and our friend. I think I'll even bake a small apple pie for the guys tomorrow, a little treat with coffee. ;3 But I'll try to be sensible with this. :D That's it for today, now I'll go get my back massaged by my beloved Wolf... ;3

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spin me!

I did something really different today. A nearby dance school had open house, so I went to try pole dancing for a couple of hours. :) And I fell in love. <3 Well, it wasn't that surprising. As a child I used to climb everything. Trees, architraves, flagpoles... Too bad there was no pole dancing in Finland when I was a child. Well, better late than never I guess. :) I must start saving money for more lessons and of course for my own pole. Luckily my birthday will be soon so maybe I can get at least a little bit money from my parents. Hey, I'll just it for sports, honestly!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Less of a human.

One kilogram to be exact. Yay! So I have lost one kg in one week and my stomach (the ultimate problem area) has definitely gotten a bit slimmer. ^o^ The two remaining kilos won't be leaving as fast, though, I can diet pretty hard until next 'Thursday, but then I have to tone this down a bit, because I'm having my tattoo recolored and I want it to heal properly. :3 Well, I guess there's no hurry. Also, we are having a friend over and we are going to go out a bit next weekend, so I might even take a couple of days off. :3 I try not to take this too seriously, because I got OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in high school (pretty much recovered now, though) and I'm scared of developing an eating disorder too. So far everything is fine though. :D Ahem, so much talk over such a little achievement, but it has been a hungry week for me! So please forgive me. :D And now, movie time! I will watch Basic Instinct with Wolf. :3

Friday, January 7, 2011

The sandman stood me up.

I didn't sleep at all last night. I don't know why, I just couldn't. Anyway, in the morning I went to school and I was a bit hyper. Now, 12 hours (including some schoolwork, a long grocery shopping trip and some sewing) later, I feel exhausted. But as I said, I managed to sew a bit! This time I decided to modify one old Living Dead Souls top of mine (the one with no sleeves, a hood, skeleton print and attachable fishnet shirt with harness, I could't find a picture from the internet and forgot to take one) and fix a pair of fake leather pants that I bought from the nearby flea market earlier this week (they cost only 1 euro). You see, the top had some popper buttons, because of the attachable fishnet shirt and I was allergic to the nickel in them... So I removed the popper parts from the shoulders, removed the hood, widened the neckline and took the top in a bit and voilà! Here's the result.

And about the pants... I mentioned that they were very, very cheap. We'll they were in a pretty bad shape. Someone had tried to take them in by hand and the work was... poor. So I took them in again, this time by machine. I also turned around the ends of the legs and removed the ugly belt holders (one had already almost fallen off). Here's a picture of the pants also.

I must say I quite like the result. Also, when I went to shop some groceries I stopped by at Seppälä and bought to pairs of black lace panties, 2 euros each. So, today's improvement is pretty much just my ever growing wardrobe. :D Well, I did manage to take some pretty good photographs on our photography course at school earlier this week (and I usually don't), so I guess that counts as achievement. :) And yeah, the diet is still doing well, I should probably weight myself this weekend. :) So that's it for this pretty tiresome day, nighty night!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Over three thousand words.

...Or just 3 pictures. :) I thought it would be nice to put up some pictures of the shorts and bag I made, so there you go!


bag outside

bag inside

Sorry about the bad picture quality, As you can see, I'm using a mobile phone camera at the moment, because my digital camera broke after our interrail trip last summer and I haven't had the money to buy a new one... I'm saving for a systems camera though!

Ps. My diet is soing ok, haven't eaten too much or unhealthily, been doing my sit-ups, push-ups, cycling, walking and so on. I was thinking maybe I should be just a little bit more severe and try If I could slim down for my birthday (which is 25th of February, so I got almost 2 months, not impossible!). Wish me luck. <3

Pps. Oh yay, I got one reader! Welcome! ^o^

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Me, myself and I

I suppose I should tell a little bit about myself, so you know where I stand now.

I am 21 years old, I live in a small city in Finland, I have a fiancé (I shall call him Mr big bad wolf, or just Wolf, to hide his identity) and we have been dating about three and a half years now. I love gothic and fetish culture and fashion and I especially love pinstripe pattern and pvc fabric. I’m studying graphic design at the moment and I guess I’m pretty creative. I love to draw, paint, sew and modify stuff.

Speaking of sewing, here’s what I have accomplished today! I woke up early today with a bit of a hangover (I drank till 6am, went to bed and woke up at 10am, therefore slept four hours), took my sewing machine (a christmas gift from my mother  <3) and made myself a pair of pvc shorts and a shoulder bag (pvc on the outside and pinstripe on the inside). I am pretty happy with the results. :> My slimming project has also started nicely, today I did one hour of cycling and 100 sit-ups (and ate healthily and not too much either). :3

A good day all in all, tomorrow I’d like to go shopping a little bit. I need shower gel (this one would be nice), milk and eggs (how boring is that? :D). Anyway, see ya later, nonexistent readers… :D