Sunday, January 9, 2011

Less of a human.

One kilogram to be exact. Yay! So I have lost one kg in one week and my stomach (the ultimate problem area) has definitely gotten a bit slimmer. ^o^ The two remaining kilos won't be leaving as fast, though, I can diet pretty hard until next 'Thursday, but then I have to tone this down a bit, because I'm having my tattoo recolored and I want it to heal properly. :3 Well, I guess there's no hurry. Also, we are having a friend over and we are going to go out a bit next weekend, so I might even take a couple of days off. :3 I try not to take this too seriously, because I got OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in high school (pretty much recovered now, though) and I'm scared of developing an eating disorder too. So far everything is fine though. :D Ahem, so much talk over such a little achievement, but it has been a hungry week for me! So please forgive me. :D And now, movie time! I will watch Basic Instinct with Wolf. :3

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