Monday, January 3, 2011

Over three thousand words.

...Or just 3 pictures. :) I thought it would be nice to put up some pictures of the shorts and bag I made, so there you go!


bag outside

bag inside

Sorry about the bad picture quality, As you can see, I'm using a mobile phone camera at the moment, because my digital camera broke after our interrail trip last summer and I haven't had the money to buy a new one... I'm saving for a systems camera though!

Ps. My diet is soing ok, haven't eaten too much or unhealthily, been doing my sit-ups, push-ups, cycling, walking and so on. I was thinking maybe I should be just a little bit more severe and try If I could slim down for my birthday (which is 25th of February, so I got almost 2 months, not impossible!). Wish me luck. <3

Pps. Oh yay, I got one reader! Welcome! ^o^


  1. Kaunis laukku!:) Onko laukun vuorissa taskuja tms?

  2. Kiitos! :) Ei ole taskuja, jälkeenpäin ajateltuna sellainen olisi kyllä ollut ihan järkevää tehdä. :D Ehkä jaksan joskus purkaa tuota vähän ja tehdä sellaisenki, vuorikangasta on onneksi vielä jäljellä. :)