Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally I have decided show my face to you! I've been thinking that this blog lacks personality and I also think it's because I don't have a face. I liked being anonymous, I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to matters like these, but I'll try to be brave from now on. ;)

Anyway. I've made a couple of small trips recently and since I'm too busy to talk about them right now I'll just share some holiday pictures. :D

Remember I told you that Wolf had this school related drinking fest and while he was in there I went to party with a friend of mine? Here's a quick snapshot to show my outfit for the night (I decided to go as trashy as usual and it was a good decision, yay ^^).

 A week after that we went to visit our families. We also spent a couple of nights at our summer cottage and I skinnydipped even though the sea was still full of ice! I tell you it was cold. :D I also made a great find: two spine vertebras (I think they are from a seal). I found them laying on the beach and I think I want to craft something cool out of them. ;)

We also visited some friends and played frisbee with their children. For some reason I look kinda evil in all pictures as you can see. :D

 Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from Walpurgi's night, except of the pizza I made. :D Anyway, student jumpsuit, booze and sauna pretty much sums it up. And the pizza was yummy. :P

But as I said I'm in a hurry. :D I'll post something more interesting when I have more time. :) Hope you readers had a nice Easter and Walpurgi's night too!

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