Sunday, May 29, 2011

Treasure hunting

Woah, another post for this week (see, I am trying!!). :D Anyway, I wanna show you some of the recent treasures I have managed to find. :3

This small shelf was originally white. I bought it from a flea market a while ago, I think it cost less that 2e... then I just painted it black. Now it holds our umbrellas, sunglasses, shopping bags, lighter etc. by the front door because we always forget to take those things with us when leaving the house. :D

I already had the Absolut Vodka Rock Edition bottle skin but recently I found the Masquerade skin too! Yay I've been looking for that for ages! And it only cost 50 cents at a flea market. :P

I bought a lamp from a flea market but the bastard didn't work! I returned it and thank goodness the seller agreed to take it back. Anyway it was a bit of trouble for me so I marched straight to Kodin 1 and found this terrible piece of lighting. :D It was last one, all dusty and hanging in the ceiling and the sales person agreed to sell it for me for only 9e and I also got the light bulb attached to it for free. Anyway, since orange isn't really my color I decided to paint the whole thing black. Here's how it turned out.

I think it's just perfect for me, a match made in heaven. <3 Well, at least for now. I still want to modify it a bit though... maybe I'll add some white lace to it or something? Or feathers! :D Ps. this is our "huge" kitchen, what do you think, should I show you the rest of our place too? :3

I bought these shoes for my sister's graduation party. They only cost 1,5e, however, they seemed a bit too boring for me. So I took some studs that are originally from my old Demonia Torments and pimped them a bit. Here's the result!

Somehow, they remind me of Lady Gaga. :D And of course they are bad ass. ;P Anyway, they are supposed to go with this faux leather dress that I made from an old skirt. :3

This other outfit (vest + skirt) is a flea market find. The whole thing cost only 2e and for some reason I get this  cool steam punk vibe from it. :D Also I think it's quite old and excellent quality. By the way, I'm sorry I have virtually no make up on in these photos. I had a terrible hangover and I just didn't feel like putting on much for a day home... :D

These hoodies aren't actually new, but I made them both smaller so they feel new to me now. :D I especially love the Type O Negative hoodie which is an old flea market find and huge in size. I took it in severely and now it looks like a dress, how cool is that? xD

And last but not least I found more bones when I visited our summer cottage again! Here are those. I think the long one is a rib from a seal and the small one is upper jaw of some bird, maybe a shelduck.

So... there was all this new stuff I've gotten. :P And now I want to ask you... do you think it would be better to change the language of this blog to Finnish? For now I seem to have only Finnish readers but... I sort of like this language and of course it's good for my language skills. ;P What do you think, should I?


  1. Mä kirjoitan itse kahdella kielellä. Se on minusta paras :) Englantini tosin on kaukana täydellisestä, mutta eiköhän asia tule kaikille selväksi kuitenkin. Itse tykkään kirjoittaa suomeksi, koska osaan käyttää kieltä monipuolisemmin eikä tule niin tönkköä tekstiä kuin englanniksi. Mutta tietysti mikä itsestä parhaalta ja luontevimmalta tuntuu :)

  2. Hi how are you?

    I noticed that you like tattoos, and I have a label in which I had some of my bloggers send me their tattoo pictures, so very funny...

    Anyway, I like your blog, and want to invite you to visit mine, and if you will follow me I would love to follow yours....


  3. Mistress Mystral: Tuohan vois olla hyvä idea. :3 Vähän enemmän aikaa se vie, mutta monipuolisempi ilmaisu tietysti houkuttaa. :D Ja kauhistuttaa ajatuskin että joku lukis tätä suomeksi Google Translatorilla... o_o

    Jesse Mendez: I'm good, thank you. :3 I liked your abstract paintings very much (I can't paint anything abstract at all, my mind just won't work with the shapes!). :)