Sunday, February 13, 2011


Long tome no see you all! I haven't been blogging for a while, since there has been absolutely nothing very interesting to tell. Diet is doing all right, I have around 0,5kg left. :3 And about that... I think that this last pound is going to be pretty hard for me to drop, since I just decided to stop using aspartame. I just read this and discovered that I have almost all first symptoms of aspartame poisoning. My hands and feed get cold and numb easily, I feel tired and dizzy, I have swelling and moodiness and sometimes my I also have problems with my sight. Of course, this could be just dieting, but I'm going to stop or at least reduce considerably my use of aspartame (good bye Coca Cola Light, I will miss you) and see if it will improve my health. Wish me luck with this, I will be needing it...

And then another thing. My birthday is coming up soon and originally I was thinking of having my nipple pierced. Well, guess what? I'm not going to do that either. Not after reading this. My boobs are pretty heavy and tender anyway and they get irritated pretty easily, so I consider myself a pretty high risk for such condition... too bad, I would have loved to have some nice jewelery in there... How about you my readers? Have you had a nipple piercing or have you ever had complications because of piercings?

Ps. The worst thing is that my plan B for my birthday was to buy a certain corset... but apparently my size sold out recently. So at the moment it seems that I'm not going to get anything for my birthday (since we don't have much money and there isn't really anything else I need so... pointless to get something thats merely "okay"... I guess I'll just save that little amount of money for later... there's probably some medical bills or something coming up anyway. Yeah, I'm practically little miss sunshine aren't I? :D

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