Monday, February 21, 2011


Last saturday I finally did it. I reached my goal weight! I now weight 50kg (or a bit under/over, depends) and I feel sooooooo proud. :) Now I guess my new challenge will be maintaining that weight, but with healthy eating habits I've learned I think it will be a piece of cake (get it, cake, ahaha). Anyway, since I finally achieved something big, I think I will show you my starting point and also how I am today. Prepare to be shocked!

So... the first one is taken... early winter 2008 I suppose? Or around that time. With Wolf of course. <3 I think I'm around 70kg in this picture, or at least close. I can't be sure, I didn't own a scale back then. The second one is me today, about half an hour ago. :D And about 20kg lighter. :) Right now, in this moment, I am more than happy with myself. I still love food, but I've learned to appreciate simple, healthy foods, not just sweets and greasy snacks. I feel happier with myself and I would be lying if I said I only did it for my health... I did it purely because I wanted to look better.  I'm not saying being skinny makes you beautiful or that you have to be thin to be pretty. But that's just how I feel about my body. I'm quite short and muscular type and I think I seriously look better with a waist. :D Ironically, I myself adore guys that are a bit chubby (or fluffy as Gabriel Iglesias would say ;D) and I simply love manboobs. <3 So remember kids, each to their own. <3

Anyway, I also want to try adding some Youtube videos here. Some fluffiness for you to admire... <3


  1. Pretty awesome progress! Be proud of yourself foxy lady! :DDD

  2. Girl, I like your style - you are gorgeus in that corset. Aww :3

    And you like bit chubby men with little bit of manboobs. In my opinion those doesn't make one hideous, if he has good looking face.

    And I guess you're into bondage too - I love it, especially being tied.
    Feels bad to be in relationship, where one doesn't get satisfied often..

    Summa summarum; world needs more people like you :)

  3. And to be honest, if I were single and saw you somewhere dressed like that, I'd definitely try to hit on you ;)

  4. Aww, thank you. :3 I think I am able to see beauty in every single person I meet. I tend to fall in love with little imperfect details in a person. Manboobs, weird hair, huge nose, freckles and so on. Things that differ that person from others, things that make the person unique and recognizable, things that might seem just a little bit grotesque even. Maybe I'm just weird in the head myself, but at least I'm happy with the way I am. I always have something interesting to look at. ;)