Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy with having fun.

Long time no see, sorry about that. ^^; I turned 22 couple of weeks ago and a week from that we had our winter break and we went to visit our families and friends so I haven't really had time to blog. Anyway, I thought I could show you some of my recent shopping and b-day gifts. :3

First, the birthday gifts. The little black Moomin jar is from my mom. The bigger one I bought from the flea market (can't remember what it cost... around 3e I think...). The Lord Nelson tea and a piece of Lush shower... thing (:D) are from a classmate and the Maybelline Forever Strong Midnight Blue nailpolish and mini tri-pod for my camera are from another classmate. :3 Thank you. <3 We were a bit broke both Wolf and I so he baked me a cake and we agreed that when we have more money and I find something I want to have I can go and buy it as my b-day present. :3 The cake and the party was great, our little flat was once again filled with drunk people (mostly guys though, I need to find more girl friends :D) and Wolf encouraged all the guys to go topless for me (gotta love that man <3). So a great party indeed. ;D Anyway, back to the shopping.

Knitted cap from the flea market, 50 cents, gloves from the flea market, 20 cents, a scarf from the flea market, 50 cents and a belt from the flea market, 50 cents.

The pvc-skirt from the flea market, 3,5e I think and a wet look shirt from the flea market 2e. The skirt is from Allure Leather and it is a size s (I usually wear xs) and it was way too small for me (!) but I modified it a bit and now it can be worn as in the picture, with tulle skirt under it. :3

And last but not least, I recently did some modeling for a friend. They have a movie coming out soon (check out the teaser here) and they needed a model for their fan t-shirts. Of course I agreed! And I was so happy to receive one of their t-shirts as a reward. :3 Here is it. <3

By the way, I have been thinking if I should start showing my face here on the blog too. If I do that, I could show you some party pics, modelling pics etc... but of course that means giving up my anonymity... then again it would be easier to make friends with people if they would recognize me. :DD

Ps. During my b-day and the winter break I gained weight... but I enjoyed every mouthful! Anyway, It's back to dieting... darn. :P Well, I will start dieting tomorrow so I'll post about it later. Now, I'll go do my evening exercise and watch Sex and the City movie. :3

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