Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Get them off and they'll let you go

Hello little batty bats, hope you had the best All Hallows' Eve ever. As you know, I spent my Halloween night in Nuclear Nightclub, spinning tassels at our burlesque show. ;) I had really awesome time there! Our shows went really, really well, awesome people came to watch us perform, we had really good time on the backstage with Nicole (who also did a great job performing I hear!) and we even sold three pairs of pasties (made by yours truly and sold by lovely Lolly Poppins).

So, without further a due, some pictures of my acts! One act was with lovely Rawrs Berry as Siamese twins and another a solo act with some vampirism... ;)  These photos are all © Pauli Tavasti, including the last one, which we took at his home studio couple of weeks before the show (I did the 'shopping though). If you'd like to see more, well be putting them to our Facebook page (go like!).

Even though I had the best time at our show, I'm also sort of glad it's over, since I have had virtually no free time for months! Our next gig will probably be in the beginning of March, so I'll probably just take it pretty easy until Christmas. :3 I simply need to spend more time with Mr. Wolf and Béla and most importantly MYSELF. Speaking of spending time, we are off to the movies to watch Thor: The Dark World (a friend gave me tickets as a thank you present for borrowing a corset for her). Let's hope the movie will be good, I didn't particularly like the first one, but I'll give this second one a chance anyway. :3 Puh-bye!

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