Saturday, November 23, 2013

A little home decor tutorial

Hi again. :3 This week I finally had a little time to spare and even though I was still a bit tired after IIK!! related sleep deprivation, I decided to do some DIY stuff for a change. I've been meaning to get some candleholders or lanterns to hang on the bathroom ceiling, since in this house it is forbidden to make holes to the bathroom walls. I haven't managed to find any good ones that would fit our current color scheme, but then I suddenly had an idea.

I've had these two candleholders for a long time, but they were in pretty bad shape and the color was a bit off too. The paint was chipped and one jewel was missing. However, they had potential, so...

I took some nail polish remover and removed the chipped paint with it (and a rough sponge). It came off pretty easily.

I also happened to have some clear jewels left from another DIY project that I did years ago. So I replaced the purple ones with clear ones.

And here's the result! These fit much better to our current bathroom color scheme. They were in use first time today and I'm really satisfied. :) I also bought a mini speaker for my phone the other day, so we can listen to music while we are enjoying the warmth of our sauna with candle light and cold drinks. Ahhhhh is there anything more relaxing than that? ♥


  1. Jotenkin paljon arvokkaamman näköisiä noin läpinäkyvinä! En olisi kyllä arvannut, että kynsilakanpoistoaineella lähtee, pitäisiköhän itsekin kokeilla joskus. Tommoseen samantapaiseen lyhtyyn vaihdoin kyllä tuon "timantin" kohdalle linnunluun, kun ei bling oikein inspannut. :D

    1. Sanos muuta, taidan olla tulossa vanhaksi kun alkaa värittömyys viehättää. :D Tuo linnunluuidea on muuten aivan mahtava, vois ens kesänä koettaa täydentää varastoja ja askarrella makkariin jotain mukavaa. ^w^