Monday, November 11, 2013

Everybody scream!

Monday. Usually Monday is just another day for me. I don't hate them and usually I feel pretty rested after the weekend so they tend to just fly by. Today however the day felt more like a stereotypical Monday. I had to do so much research for a project at work and it took way longer than I had expected and then the results weren't that pleasing either, bah! But tomorrow I'll roll my sleeves again and get working, at least now I have a plan, even if it took the whole day to figure it out.

However new pieces of clothing always have the power to cheer a girl up, don't they? Well they do, if they fit... I ordered some pretty expensive (=overpriced) items from lip service last week and today they arrived. I'll make an official post about them later, but now I must rant! I checked out their size chart as I always do and everything was supposed to fit well. The jacket I ordered did, pretty well at least, but the pants... well, otherwise as expected but the waist was like enormous compared to the size they give out. Like seriously, the pants are size small, but the waist is more like a large, wtf?! See for yourself:

So, I had to take up needle work once again and do something about that by hand (my sewing machine has been broken for ages now and I have no idea how to fix it, probably have to take it somewhere to be repaired...). The pants are wearable, but they still sag a bit and there is pretty much nothing I can do about that, since the size difference was so huge... well, I could if I was more skilled, but I suck at sewing really. I'm pretty bummed about this though, since they were a really expensive pair of pants so you kind of expect that they are what you ordered, right? Have you had similar troubles with Lip? I have managed to avoid them so far, but these pants were definitely a disappointment.

Well, if the new clothes didn't manage to cheer me up, the next weekend will for sure! Once again there is the IIK!! horror movie festival at Ii and I'll be working there (and watching movies on my free time of course!). This year we have some very interesting pieces, including Carrie, Blood for Dracula, Kiss of the Damned and Orlacs Hände. Ooooooh I can hardly wait! I hope Mr. Wolf will attend also as a guest and join in for a movie or two, I do love movie dates. ♥ If you happen to be around, join in as well. You can view the full list of movies here and buy the tickets in advance as well. :)

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