Thursday, November 7, 2013

Darker side of life

Hi again (so soon too)! I wanted to drop by to talk a little about how I have been recently and simultaneously upload some Instagram photos here as well.

So, the last couple of months have been super busy for me, with my new job, burlesque gigs and everything that comes with that as well. Next weekend I'm going to go visit my parents and in-laws, maybe some friends as well if I have time. Last time I visited my parents maybe six weeks ago or so. This picture pretty much sums up my visits there. Good food, good reading, relaxing and having a good time with relatives and friends. Somehow I find that the actual physical distance of my life here really is the best way for me to relax.

...Although I have found ways to relax here at home as well. Good red wine always helps!

I have been forced to find time to relax on my own when I can. Sort of force-relaxation you know? :D I have had so little time to relax that I have actually had to put that on my calendar, haha.

During the comic festival week I was at Valve (a youth culture center here in Oulu), drawing comics with people, mostly children. There was this awesome 3-year old kid who, like, scribbled something at first, then took a red marker and started coloring EVERYWHERE. After like five minutes or so, he suddenly said: "Bwahaha, he died!". :D Ahhhhh, such cool kid. Reminded me of my own childhood... ;3
Last weekend we were celebrating Halloween at Heta's place. I guess it became a sort of unofficial North Finland Goth Bloggers Meet or something, since Horros and Sereijan were there as well, along with other cool people (It was so nice to finally meet you for real!!). I went there as a succubus, since I wanted something comfy and simple. Damn me for not taking a decent picture of my outfit, but here's one of my makeup and horns. Haha, we are pretty drunk at Hevimesta in this pic, lol. We had really awesome time there, huge thanks to lovely Heta. 
Oh my, look at the time! I'm gonna go to sauna to my neighbor's place today, actually I was supposed to be there already... yikes! Now, better go! So long! (Ignore the stupidly arranged paragraphs, they just won't go the way I want~)

Edit: Totally forgot this, but remembered again in the sauna: if somebody is interested in following me on Instagram, my alias there is batsinthe_belfry. Go follow!