Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BOO-tiful burlesque

Hello darklings! Phew, I have had a very, very long day! Today after a very hectic day at work I went to print out posters of our next burlesque show, which takes place on, you guessed it, Halloween! Our previous show in Oulu Comics Festival went really really well so the pressure is on for this one! So I was out spreading posters for three hours today, then came home to do some updating on our social medias and shop photos to promote the event and I should still practice a bit before bed. I have had virtually no time for myself in weeks, but it'll be worth it when the spookiest night of the year arrives, I hope. :)

So, without further a due I'm posting out poster here as well! I actually made it myself (heh, I didn't have too much time as you can probably tell, but at least it's informative).

Oh! Almost forgot! Here's the link to the upcoming show,s'il vous plait! And if you are interested in seeing pictures/videos of our shows, our check out the dates to our upcoming shows, do like us on Facebook! My personal profile is here and the profile of our group Madam Hardware and the Kinky Carnival is here. Go like!

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