Friday, February 1, 2013


Firstly, I need to apologise the rather poor picture quality. Firstly, Wolf (who was super sweet to take these pictures) is rarely at home during the few hours of sunlight, especially at the same time as myself and secondly, from now on we probably have to use our cellphone cameras since our only memory card reader broke. :< I wont buy a new reader or cord since I'm planning to buy a new camera anyway in a few months. But yeah, some pictures of the clothes I bought on our trip to London and some other items as well. :3

I bought this Lip Service Ring A Ding Ding Pinstripe Vinyl Skirt from some store in Camden, I think it was DarkSide. :) Such beautiful piece of clothing. I would like to buy the matching shirt also, but I haven't found one in my size (which I think is small in Lip Service) with a reasonable price tag
 also. :< If someone has the One For My Baby Cap Sleeve Top in black and size small I would be interested in buying it. :3

I'm also wearing my new hand bag. I don't remember the brand but I purchased it in Romeo & Julia in Oulu. My poor Demonia bat bag broke (didn't even own it for one year, come on!) so I needed a new one, fast. I really like it, except for the insides, which is black. Just like everything inside it. So I really can't find shit. :D But it is pretty. x3 <3

This latex outfit was the main thing of the London shopping trip. It is actually a playsuit and a high-waist skirt. Both of these are from Honour, but the brand is Skin Two. I totally loved Honour as a shop! The personnel were really nice, the shop well organized and beautifully decorated. I think I tried on half the latex items in the store. :D While leaving both my wallet and heart felt light as feathers... *sigh*

The last piece in this post was a gift from my lovely friend Neeppu. Latex panties from Westward Bound! Awwwwwwwwh I cannot even describe how happy I am! Thank you lovely woman! <3 I definitely have to get some Alice in Wonderland outfit, just because of this lovely, lovely sky blue and cream white coloring. <3

So yeah, pretty much all the nicest pieces of clothing I've bought since summer. :3 Some basic pinstripe pants from flea market and maybe a t-shirt... but so basic I cant be bothered to photograph them. :P Actually I'm selling/throwing out like 75% of my clothing at the moment. Table is reserved and the best pieces have already been bought by friends. I want and need SPACE. But well, I guess that's all for now. :3 I'm off to bed, since I have a draw and paint class early tomorrow. Buh-bye!


  1. Replies
    1. Niin kumpi? Vai molemmat? :D

      Pvc:n ja lateksin pitää (ainakin mun mielestä) olla niin ihoanuolevan tiukkaa ettei jää säkittään mistään kohtaa. ;)

    2. Tarkoitin tuota raitaisaa, kun jotenkin vähemmän tarkasti luettuna ajattelin lateksisen olevan mekko. Noh, molemmat on kyllä herkullisia! :)

  2. Oi, miten upeita asukokonaisuuksia :>

  3. The skirt is lovely! You look so beautiful in that picture.
    the latex dress is also awesome :)

    1. Thank you! It isn't really a dress but since latex is so skin tight you can't really tell! ^_^

  4. Kehtaako kysyä, että paljonko jouduit tuosta latex kokonaisuudesta maksamaan? On meinaan mahtavan näköinen ja näyttäisi istuvan kuin hansikas. Tehty mittojen mukaan?

    1. Kuvassa näkyvät tuotteet ovat tämä playsuit:

      ja tämä kynähame

      ja ostin ne samaan hintaan kuin sivuilla mainitaan. :) Ihan perusmitoitusta siis nuo ja aika edllisia mielestäni, Honouria voi kyllä suositella jos mielii peruskivoja latexvaatteita kaappiinsa kohtuuhintaan. :)