Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hi there! I just arrived back home from a visit to my family and in-laws. I have been stuffing myself with amazing home-cooked foods, seeing friends and even working on my thesis a little bit this weekend, I thought I'd do one more thing before heading for bed and that is post the pictures we took in studio before Christmas for our burlesque group. :)

The reason why I'm posting this now is that we are going to have our first "real" show next Thursday. I'm quite nervous, but excited too! I think I'll write about the event more once we've held it. :) For now, more info about that can be found on Facebook.

But yeah, the pictures! The shoot went really well, Madam Hardware herself was behind the camera and lovely Raw Berry assisted with the lighting and so on. I did the Photoshopping, as usual. :) We worked very efficiently and here's some of the nicest shots of the shoot (in my opinion).

Teehee, playing with my feather.

For some reason, the "ugly pretty" shots seem to suit me the best. :O

I was a bit inspired by this painting and the symbolism going with it. ;)

I totally love my feather boa, but it's losing so much feathers I'll have to buy a new one soon. :<

Haha, the last shot always have to be a weird one for me. :D This time Dragonball Z style power up pose! xD
I really don't know what more to say about these. :D So please do comment, ask questions or whatever you want! I'm going to go get my beauty sleep now, so good night.

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