Monday, July 1, 2013

Like a bat out of hell!

Long time no see, darklings!

I am sincerely sorry that I just vanished from the face of the internet, but I had some rather unexpected changes in my life recently. The biggest one of those was a sudden change of apartment! We had been living in our (now ex) apartment for a year and this whole time our sewers kept on giving us shit (yes, literally). We have had to call plumbers to out apartment probably over twenty times during the past year, often in the middle of the night, too. Finally our landlords suggested that we should move out to another apartment, so they can rip out the floors and really find out where the problem lies. Long story short we ended up changing the scenery a bit more than we intended at first, we now have a slightly bigger apartment, which is also nearer to the town center and almost next to a really nice graveyard. :) Moving was a real pain in the butt though, since we didn't exactly plan it, but we managed, thanks to our friends & family who helped out a lot.

We also ordered a new couch, which will arrive tomorrow, whee! It was sort of an anniversary gift from us, to us, since last Saturday me and Wolf had our anniversary (we have been together six years now ).

Besides the moving, I have had some pretty draining deadlines and stuff, but I'm just happy I have some work! It is not easy to find work as a graphic designer, with the economy like this and all, but I hope it'll get better in time. :)

Ahem... and the real reason I'm posting now is that I finally had time to edit some photos of my paintings in the Guilty Pleasures art exhibition. Some of the works I have shown you earlier in this entry, but here's all the new ones!

Strapping Young Man, 2013

Glossy, 2013

The Sacred Heart

Divine Punishment, 2013

Heavy Rubber, 2013

Hush, 2013

My Heart Will Go On, 2013

Spellbound, 2013

The Plea (Self Portrait), 2013

These Boots Aren't Made For Walking, 2013
Do tell me what you think of them, which is your favorite, would you have something like that hanging on your wall or do you do art yourselves? :)


  1. Aijai, kaikki maalaukset on ihan mahdottoman hienoja, mutta eniten minua miellytti "Glossyn" ja "The Sacred Heart":n tyyli. Toisaalta tuo omakuva ja "My Heart Will Go On" ovat myös tosi hienoja. Erityisesti tuon omakuvan tausta ja värit upposi minuun kuin kuuma veitsi voihin. :D Ehkä käytän tuota joskus referenssikuvana kun pyydän omalta miehekkeeltä jotain koristusta meidän seinälle. ;)

    Vaikka itsekkin maalailen satunnaisesti jotain, meillä tuo karvaisempi osapuoli handlaa paremmin tämän taiteellisen puolen. Jos haluat käydä kurkkaamassa niin blogi löytyy osoitteesta: :)

    1. Ooh! Upeita töitä! Miehekkeesi on todella lahjakas! :)

  2. My favourites are The Plea and Spellbound. I hope you sold many of them!

    1. The Plea, These Boots Aren't Made For Walking and one older piece called Markings sold. :)