Monday, April 15, 2013

Burlesque road trip

Phew! Yesterday we got back from our burlesque road trip to Vaasa! Just to be clear we went there with Madam Hardware and the Kinky Carnival to perform in Viva La Burlesque, since the lovely Lily Kiss Kiss & Le Rouge Mirage. ♥ Our trip was probably one of the best things I have ever done in my life! I think I did all right with my show, even though I had a slight wardrobe malfunction, but audience seemed to enjoy themselves so it's all good. Mr. Wolf also came with us, since I don't want to perform if he won't be watching and he was also our driver / body guard / general support guy. :D

Sadly I didn't have much time to take photos myself, but one of our lovely new members took a bunch, I'll post some as soon as I can. For now, I'll post a couple of shots from my phone and a few from the shoot we had before the show with Pauli Tavasti. Just so you know, the theme of my show was absinthe fairies and I actually drank real absinthe during it! Sadly the only absinthe you can buy from here is Pere Kermann's Absinthe, which tastes like poison, I cannot recommend drinking that crap in any circumstances. I should have ordered my favorite absinthe, which is Jacques Senaux Green online, but somehow I just forgot... boohoo. But enough rambling now, let's see the pictures!

It was wonderful to perform, but I'm really bummed that we couldn't actually see Lily Kiss Kiss & Le Rouge Mirage performing, since there were so many people. Luckily they took video footage, so maybe I can at least watch that later. :) I would like to go see burlesque myself for a change, but there hasn't been any shows lately nearby... What about you, dear readers? Have you seen any great burlesque shows lately? Who did you go see, where and when? Do tell me! If I have to travel to see burlesque I might as well go see your favorites!

Oh, one more thing! The song that I used on the background was this wonderful track from The Damned!



  1. Oh, you and Wolf look so cute like always, aww!
    And you and your costume look awesome, you should try green hair sometime! Or black with green stripes!

    I sooooo want to see your burlesque show, last time my stupid worktimes ruined everything and I missed it :(

    1. Oh you. ♥ I'll let you know as soon as I know when and where we'll perform again! :3

  2. You are such a lovely lady <3