Tuesday, March 19, 2013

White rabbit with a pocket watch

Hiya fellas!

I'm beginning to think that it is impossible for me to update this blog regularly. The problem is, when I actually do something that would be worthwhile to update I'm most likely not taking photos of the event, but enjoying it fully. I suck at blogging, haha... but yeah I actually came to babble a bit about the past couple of days weeks months.

Some of you probably know that I'm attempting to graduate this spring. That means the whole year I have been juggling several school projects to get points, working on my thesis and the project going with it, filling up my portfolio and on my spare time, practicing burlesque.

Boohoo my laptop is all dusty.

Also, I have an art exhibition coming up soonish. I'm up to my elbows in paint but then again I really enjoy painting! I just have a very tight schedule, which sucks because I would really like to spent even more time to finish up each painting. :I

Some works in progress!

We also have another burlesque gig coming up, so I have been making props, mainly new pasties. I really like making them, even though I'm still not very skilled at it... But well, my boobies ain't complaining. :D

Very basic red hearts. I wore these in my Little Red Riding Hood act in Never Grow Old.

Turmion Kätilöt theme pasties! Just had to. xD

These are for my upcoming act... can anyone guess the theme? ;)

Next Sunday I'm also going to model again, it has been ages since I have been in front of a camera. I'm really, really excited about the project! The photographer gave me a little something beforehand to make preparations... guess what we'll be shooting? :D

Forget about penis envy, those fangs are HUGE!

Fangbanger much?
Of course, I have had some free time also. I have spent it visiting friends and relatives, having friends over at our place, partying, playing Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons... oh yeah and I turned 24 in the end of February also. Too bad I didn't take any pictures from my party, it was Alice in Wonderland -themed. :) I also ordered something nice for myself from ebay afterwards.

Squee~! Absinthe spoon! It cost  around ten euros with postage. :3

And these beauties! I needed a new pair of party heels for winter since my loyal Pleasers are finally falling apart after 4 years of excessive wearing. :< But these are so pretty! Cheap too, around 30 euros with postage.

Truth to be told I have been shopping quite a lot, but only second hand. I cleaned up our closets and threw out/sold/donated dosens of kilos of clothes and well, there wasn't much left so I really needed some new basic everyday wear. I might show those items too, depends whether Wolf is willing to take photos. :3

Meh, my life has been busy as hell lately, I'm hoping summer won't be nearly as hard. I have been looking for a perfect job after graduation,and I hope I can start already during summer but still, it cannot be this hard. :D But to all to my readers: happy springtime, Easter is coming up and that means CHOCOLATE. ;3


  1. I totally understand that run towards graduation. I'm supposed to be done in December, but I have all these exams and projects trying to eat my soul! haha.
    I've looking for a spoon like that for a while. I need to check on ebay :P
    Also, just started following your blob. :D

    1. Thank you! Agh so good to hear that I'm not only one who is under this suffocating pressure of graduation! Phew. :3

      Do check ebay and especially items from Germany. I think Germany is like... some sort of Absinthe Heaven (:DD) so they have really nice (and cheap) spoons too. ♥

      And also, welcome aboard!

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