Monday, December 17, 2012

London calling

I'm a little bit bored right now (I'm not sure if I have had time to be bored in months!) so I think I'm going to do the first post about our trip to London!

So, we were in London during our autumn break. We stayed there from Monday to Friday, in a cozy little room I rented for us. The apartment was located in East London, nearest tube station being East Ham. The room was pretty cheap, and we also got to to use a nice spacious kitchen and a bath tub! I think I took a bath every day while we were there. :D Here's a couple of photos from our room.

We flew to London from Tampere, with Ryanair. When we got there the first thing we did after dropping our luggage to the apartment we went to find something to eat! We chose just some pub that came across and served food. Wolf had a burger and chips and I had some meat & kidney pie with veggies and mashed potato. The food was great but I think the best thing I has was the drink: Bulmers berry cider. Amazing! Too bad I haven't found that anywhere here in Finland. :< Below a picture a nice waitress took of us and another of our foods. :3

Next day we wanted to go see the famous Camden Town! We walked to the station and took a tube. We bought Oyster Cards so after that it was free for us to take a tube or a bus, very handy! Below a photo of Wolf standing in front of our apartment. :)

We did some shopping in Camden Market, took photos and had something to eat and drink. We ate full English breakfasts and they were awesome! We had them in a pub called Elephant's Head, I can totally recommend that place. :) Camden turned out to be quite beautiful place as you can see.

I'm so in love with English pubs, just look at the lovely Victorian decor! These pictures below were taken in a pub called World's End, but we also visited the legendary goth pub Hobgoblin. Gotta love the Dj there, most sympathetic old punk I've ever seen! :D

Wolf found this amazing lace shirt from some shop in Camden Market. I'm going to do a separate post about the things we bought during our trip but here's a little sneak peek anyway. :D

American Apparel had an amazing window in their shop! I was stunned!

From Camden we went to see the Highgate Cemetery, but I'll do the next post about that little trip! I still have a couple of random pictures from our trip that really don't fit anywhere so I'll just dump them here. :D So below a view from "our" street and after that some pics I took from the plane window on our way back to Finland. :)

As said before, the next post will be about our trip to Highgate Cemetery. Then I will do one with all the museums we visited and after that hopefully the shopping post if I got time to take some pictures of the stuff we bought. :)


  1. Lovely to hear something about Camden! Oh I was there a Saturday and it was busy and full of all kind of strange people. that was 15 years ago. I also went at Elephants head for a bear but at that time it was a bit scary place and lots of drugs and people with bad vibes. A guy was stabbed at lunchtime the day before we went there and was an aquaintance to our friend. Im so looking forward to see what you bought for yourself. Wolf looks great in his lace shirt!

    1. It was quite busy place during the week too! The people were quite ordinary though, we saw only a handful of alternative folks and quite frankly I felt like some animal in a zoo because some people were constantly taking photos of us. I was especially scared of those with iPads, since you can't even see the person behind the tablet when he's taking the photos!

      That stabbing sounds terrible! Nothing bad happened to us, but I agree that Camden is quite scary at night, because of the drug dealers, street walkers and other shady or aggressive people. :< During daytime, however, loved the place! ^_^

  2. Näyttää varsin kivalta huoneelta verrattuna siihen rotankoloon missä viimeksi tuli itse oltua, mikähän tuon paikan nimi oli, ja paljonko maksoi? Keväämmällä olisi tarkoitus taas lähteä nimittäin käymään... :)

    1. Kyseessä oli tämä kohde, mutta toinen huone. :) 37e/yö, oma makkari, yhteinen keittiö ja kylppäri. Meidän huoneesta löyty myös oma vessa ja suihku, josta tosin saatiin ulos vaan kylmää vettä. :D

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